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Do you deliver

No delivery.

Do they do call ins.

Yes they do

Do they take debit cards


How much is for cabbage, turkey wing, macaroni n cheese & corn bread dinner

There weren't any price list i got a 2pc with 2 sides and a lemonade for $12

I just went there and its closed.when will they open for business?

I believe they are closed on Saturday. Should be open Monday.

Is your lima beans seasoned with pork or turkey?


what time do you open on saturday

Opens at 12pm on Saturdays.

What food do you cook ?

I dont cook any, but the food there is mouth watering. mac\cheese, lima beans,okra and rice,seafood rice, frid and bake chicken, porkchops, collard greens, cabbage and much more with homemade cornbread and fresh lemonaide. If you visit one time you will go back.😄

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